Some comments I have read say the problem is probably fixed after 2006/7, but apparently not. Never was advised that this was a well known Whirlpool defect. I contacted our Attorney General’s office about this, maintaining this was consumer fraud since the company has known for over 10 years about this problem and keep making ovens that do this exact same thing. Please add us to the class action lawsuit as this is clearly a known issue and we were not notified to NOT use the self cleaning option. I don’t feel like i got what i payed for. We have had it since the beginning of 2013. Luckily, I always purchase the extended warranty for anything electronic that is over $ 500. and not easily able to take back to the store. I installed my kitchen-aid gas range architect series II purchased from Lowes in 2008. Not coincidence, they’re defective! Any news on the lawsuit yet? I would like replace this oven so we don’t have to keep putting money into it. Whirlpool GOLD SERIES Manuals & User Guides. The board had several burn marks on it when I pulled it out (I’d be happy to share my pictures). Add me to the list. Cleans it two days ago and the same thing happened. I want the oven checked out by Whirlpool and think I need to be a part of this lawsuit. Clearly a chronic failure. You must contact the I had the same thing happen today in my 6 year old oven. Not a great start to my first experience with a Whirlpool oven. Our factory certified parts provide you with a promise only Whirlpool brand can make—that through our safe and genuine quality replacement parts, we will care for your appliance like you care for your home every day. How can I become part of this suit? Is this class action lawsuit against Whirlpool still in effect? I don’t feel like i got what i payed for.

It does put off to much heat in the cabinet above it I can not store anything. I am a subcriber to Top Class Actions & am following this topic. Please add my name as well. I’m so upset, we do not have the money to replace our double over. Please add me as well. A frequent conclusion is that the control board is faulty, but there is often an open fuse in line with power to the control board, which can have the same effect. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Glass flew everywhere , and I keep finding glass! My whirlpool oven self cleaning stopped working. When turned on the door locks after 10 minutes and codes E2 and E3 come on. So we are out over $100 for the service call, $60.00 for the door spring and he will be coming out next week for another service call to try and fix the oven with the fuse.

  • All the appliances were replaced with KitchenAid, purchases I now regret. I’m replacing this lemon but the installer of the new oven cannot remove the Whirlpool lemon with the door locked. The second time this happened was while I used the lowest cleaning cycle and had to have fuse replace again. I guess that technician knew what he was talking about. After using self cleaning function on my whirlpool wall oven, my oven locked and screen went black. Ad me same thing. Turned off the oven from the front panel, but the door remained locked and light was on. Here are the most common reasons your Whirlpool oven's temperature isn't accurate - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. The oven is locked and completely nonfunctional. After self cleaning the lower oven of my Whirlpool Double Oven the oven lost power completely, the door remained locked, and I had to pay for repairs. Plus, with the FIT system, your double oven can be built in easily right out of the box. The Whitleys claim that they spent time with the sales representative comparing the safety and reliability of different ovens, and had Whirlpool disclosed the known defect in the self-cleaning cycle, they would not have purchased that oven. IF YOU HAVE A WHIRLPOOL OVEN…DO NOT USE THE SELF-CLEANING FEATURE! My Whirlpool glass inside door shattered earlier this year (Feb 2019) during self clean mode. Will take me 3 hours. Tried resetting circuit breaker but that didn’t help. Please add me. A $3 grand oven-nuker combo bought early 2012, I did use self-clean several time w/o issue, but in 12/15 the fuse blew during self-clean. Welcome Guest! My Kenmore oven had these same problems. 3-25-19 My inside oven glass shattered when I tried the precise clean setting today! I would like to be added to this lawsuit. Now nothing works. I want in on this lawsuit. I’d like in on the lawsuit. I couldn’t even touch the handle to open it as it was soo hot. The second one recently died from using 450 degrees to bake and I had never even used the self clean feature because I knew the first double oven’s self clean use had fried the control panel and could not be repaired. Please add me to class action. The breaker was not tripped. Thought maybe it tripped the circuit breaker, but that wasn’t it. They replaced the door for $119 and continued to use the oven, they claim. The stove has been extremely hot since it stopped 3 hrs ago (its 5:15 est; started 9:30-10:00 this morning), no breakers were tripped. Sign up for our free newsletter. Ours just quit today in the middle of self cleaning mode too. Your email address will not be published. That really blows our oven was purchased in 2013 and we have used the cleaning cycle 2 or 3 times until this shut down! It would also make it very difficult to get the lock on the door released once the oven cooled. I just noticed this week that it has been back up for the past week and the only thing I can think of that has changed is the humidity has been high for the past week. The Whirlpool oven self-cleaning defect lawsuit seeks to certify a Class of “All individuals in the United States who purchased any Whirlpool or KitchenAid Built-In Single, Double or Combo wall oven equipped with a High Temp Self-Cleaning Cycle.”. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Is there a settlement for this problem. This happened in my Whirlpool ovens WOS51E and I had to pay a tech to come out and unlock my ovens so I could use them again. It was more than the tech was prepared to handle, so he will return with more parts tomorrow. Appreciate the info. At the end of the self clean cycle the circuit board went blank and the door remains locked . I have cleaned inside and out for a total of 6 hours and still am finding glass two days later!! I know it has to be the thermostat or motherboard. So I have manually cleaned all these years. Mine kicked the breaker during cleaning cycle. And it's not cheap!! Find the most common problems that can cause a Whirlpool Range Stove Oven not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. Do the repair men who work for Whirlpool-Kitchenaid-Maytag also hide these issues??

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  • The case referenced in the link in your comment is actually a different case. Setting up a free account with Top Class Actions will allow you to receive instant updates on ANY article that you ‘Follow’ on our website. We are not wealthy people and I enjoy baking. Our glass exploded during self clean. After running self clean cycle, oven locked and blew thermostat. Add me to the list! How do I join? We moved into our new home in July 2015 and the oven was a whirl pool built in oven. I am livid. It is still lit up as I write this and this has not happened for longer than a day or two for the past year. I would like to know more about this lawsuit. If it is still secured in place, the problem is either a faulty temperature sensor or a miscalibrated thermostat. What else do I need to do? Used the self cleaning function and now the bottom door is locked and the screen is dead. Just did a self-clean, bottom now locked and no power. Same issue. This time we paid out of pocket to have it repaired. IS this lawsuit nationwide? Please add me to this claim. I did a self cleaning yesterday and now neither of my ovens are working. When we turn the breaker on again the lock opened allowing us to open the oven and remove the door. Used the self-cleaning feature last weekend and now my oven doesn’t work…. and pay for it however very upsetting that the feature doesn’t work and the manufacturer knows that. With only a 1 year warranty, they are basically saying that their product is good for a year, otherwise, you’re out of luck. My oven just died after putting it in self-cleaning mode. The repair man states that the unit is dead. I found there were lots of customers with the same problem. Thank you. I WANT TO JOIN THE CLASS ACTION SUIT, TOO! Please add me to the class action lawsuit. Toward the end of the cycle the panel went blank and the bottom oven will not open. First time using self cleaning option and our double oven is now locked and will not turn on. I gotta be in. We have a Whirlpool oven model W10507057A and did our first high temperature self clean on June 4 2020 and at the end of the cleaning cycle, the oven would not unlock. I do remember the technician telling me that for some reason, the gas ranges (Kitchen-Aid), always do this when using the self-cleaning and to not use it again. I’d love to join a class action suit. I do NOT want to have any of the same issues that I have been reading about, either in the complaint or in the responses. Where do I sign up. Open and close the oven door to see if the oven door switch turns the oven light on and off when the oven door is opened and closed. Sounds when a whirlpool gold double oven manual for upper oven windows and content without opening the meat probe and top of the wire. your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are Test the oven door switch operation using the oven light. It locked and died a few hours into cleaning. It affected both the thermal fuse and high limit thermostat, so we replaced them. I also have a Whirlpool stove and would like to use the self-cleaning feature, but after reading this information, I am afraid that it might cause a fire or damage to the unit and I would be responsible to pay for this. I definitely want in on this class-action suit. Please add me to the class action suit. We are tired of companies not standing behind their product and it’s very upsetting when they know something is wrong with an item they are selling and the retail store hides the problems also. drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. My husband and I had to pull the fiery hot oven out from in between the counter and refrigerator, so that we could unplug the stove to turn it off because we could not open the locked oven door. We used the self cleaning feature this morning and it died mid-cleaning cycle. Available in … Bought oven last November so it is still under one year warantee but its still seems like a piece of crap. Figure I’ll probably end up scrapping it. I am experiencing the same problems with my Thermador oven. My parents had a KA oven installed in June of 2014. Second time I used the self cleaning on my Kitchen Aide and it’s now dead. The power would not come back on after using the circuit breaker. Add me to the class action suit. After the first self cleaning the door wouldn’t latch but would still work. I used the self cleaning function for the first time on my 3 year old oven.

    They are less than three years old. This on the day before cooking our thanksgiving turkey! the self cleaning does not work and between the two glassed of the oven it is full of water marks, I bought a home in June which has a whirlpool double wall oven. A Troubleshooting Guide for a Whirlpool Electric Range. Self-clean killed my Whirlpool double oven. Please add me to the lawsuit. But in July 2016, Joann allegedly tried using the self-cleaning cycle again, and as a result their oven stopped working all together and would not open. I hope my guests do not come down with sickness. But today, the display panel shut off and the stove would not stop beeping until we unplugged it from the back. We have a Whirlpool Gold double wall oven installed new in our house built in 2012. I was then told there was an issue with this and I was told not to use the highest clean setting. Ugh. now I need help trouble shooting the problem. We cannot get the door open & the lights will not come back on (we tried the circuit breaker, it was fine). The door is locked on our lower oven, and electrical panel has no power! I'm thinking that is a widespread problem. I have one and had to replace the digital controls twice now and have been having problems with it again here lately with it shutting off. I cannot believe they have not fixed the issue. My whirlpool oven stopped working after a self clean.   |   expected to be mailed out. Furious! I have the Whirlpool Double Oven and the control panel went out after 4 or 5 years. I can buy a new oven for that amount. We purchased a KitchenAid wall oven in 2014 and have had this problem fixed multiple times.